Women’s Fashion 2019

Tiered dresses and skirts

Here is what you need to buy right now to correctly meet the approaching warm season.

10- Tiered dresses and skirts

Tiered dresses and skirts

If remaining season at the peak of the trend was once multi-layered, then in 2019 the position of the “most stylish stuff of the season” was confidently conquered by means of multi-level constructions.

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9- Tuxedo dresses

Tuxedo dresses

Girls have been making an attempt on men’s clothes for a long time, and in 2019 this fashion is getting into a new stage: an elongated model of a smart-looking men’s jacket turns into a dependent and attractive mini-dress. However, the size can be adjusted: tuxedo outfits are appropriate in the format to mid-thigh, midi, and maxi.

8- Images with silk shawls

Images with silk shawls

Shawls – one of the most first-rate add-ons of the past year – break into the new season. But with some clarifications.

Now a fashionable scarf is a large, captivating accessory made of silk or (if the price range does no longer allow) a smooth and dense satin material like it. In 2019, they are worn both in the classical form – on the neck, and as a turban, capes on the shoulders or embellishes on the arm, bag, hair … Yes, wherever your creativeness allows!

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7- Breton strip

Breton strip

The most famous object of garb with this decoration is a typical sea sweater, that is, a vest. However, the alternation of mild and dark blue stripes this season is applicable in any form: on the skirt, and on the blouse, and on the purse.

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6- Landscape Prints

Landscape Prints

Or even landscape. If the image on a blouse, skirt, blazer resembles an epic canvas in the style of natural science and academic collection of the BBC – with palm trees, savannas, space objects – this is it. You are in trend.

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5- Surfer style

Surfer style

We are talking about light, free, barely faded and even, perhaps, sun-stained and salty garb of typical and reckless summer-sea colors – turquoise, blue, sandy-yellow …

In general, imagine yourself as a surfer, already for the hundredth time strolling along a large sandy seaside or a dusty promenade with palm bushes to meet your wave. If your outfit fits into this style – from the point of view of fashion in 2019, it is simply perfect!

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4- Golden accents

Golden accents

This season’s gold is the new black. Gold elements, inclusive of rich embroidery on brocade jackets and costumes, are present in almost each and every actual collection of world trend houses.

This is a right purpose to purchase something that has recently been regarded kitsch and excessive luxury, and experience like the beloved wife (or daughter) of the padishah walking the present day town streets.

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3- All white

All white

The picture of a shiny and sublime female in the coming season is one of the must-haves.

It is not indispensable to stand up to it strictly monochrome. A mixture of a snow white blouse and silk trousers or a traditional romantic starch white shirt with an ivory skirt is allowed. In general, choose to your taste. The foremost component – to adhere to the concept – in a brand new outfit must be solely colors of white.

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2- Blazers


You do now not comprehend how to add relevance to the image – throw an elongated blazer on top. Color, style, cloth – at your discretion.

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1- English embroidery

English embroidery

This historical handicraft technique, when large, nearly lace patterns — with flowers, leaves, and grapevine — are created in 2019 at the peak of fashion from ordinary threads and fabrics. Best of all, English embroidery appears on romantic blouses, dresses, skirts, and tops.

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