“T-34” Beats all records of Popularity with Viewers

More than one hundred million rubles on the very first day of appoint gathered a blockbuster “T-34”. The movie beats all records. About 1/2 a million people have already watched it.

All tickets are bought out. At the box workplace – the queue. On the film-adventure “T-34” are complete families. The picture just came out in rent, and the target audience is already greater than half a million.


Inspiring human history is empathized both in Siberia and in Sevastopol: “Tears! Awesome film, not barring emotion! It’s so vivid, you experience like a participant in these events. A posh film – as if it used to be there!

Where did yesterday’s cadet Ivushkin have this impenetrable self assurance that you need to break out from captivity with the aid of all means, and even on the “thirty-four”? Everyone is aware of that the German tank ace Yager will get these Russians out of the ground. All this is love that surpasses cruelty. Believing in himself, the hero of Alexander Petrov evokes anybody – and on the other facet of the screen.

Sometimes it looks from the auditorium that time is frozen. Plunging into armor shell literally felt skin. It took greater than a year for the results artists to draw all this. Now the new Russian blockbuster “T-34” is known as a actual “Fast and the Furious” – solely on tanks.

The first day of appoint – and already nearly greater than one hundred million rubles box office. The sincere and sincere history of relations in the warfare has overtaken even the “Upward Movement.”

Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Porechenkov impressed: “The photograph is extraordinary about our guys, about the feat that you can not provide up, in spite of the most difficult conditions – that used to be the movie!”.

On holidays, the T-34 is an not possible preferred in the race for the hobby of the viewer. A true journey movie about the most dramatic length in the lifestyles of the country was once expected.

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