Secret Superstar Aamir Khan Movie Review

secret superstar

Secret Superstar Secrets

Secret Superstar project was directed by Advait Chandan who has managed his work for more than a decade. It is nice to see the superstar sting sweet fun at himself through the lines does come together as a little affected. It is sure on bringing a smile to your face like anyone who follows Bollywood and Aamir Khan particularly, knows his aversion for popular awards.

secret superstar

In another shot, Aamir is seen admonishing a young singer in an Indian Idol type of contest and in a 3rd scene, he’s flirting with a receptionist. The sleazy, too full-of-himself, brusque music composer stereotype is too hard to lose and you may draw plenty of parallels from real Bollywood.

Secret Superstar Story

The central figure is Zaira Wasim, who dreams of becoming a singer. Growing up in a conservative Muslim family with a strict father rigorous breaking his guitar, she finds support in her mother who nonetheless doesn’t have the guts to go against her husband.

The spunky girl croons in a Burkha and becomes an internet sensation. It is not that warm, fuzzy, feel-good appeal that’s sure to draw in audiences. Regardless of the lack of originality in the story, you would like to know how a girl makes her great and what role Aamir plays in her life. Zaira exudes innocence and comes across as a natural.

Secret Superstar Bollywood Moview

Obviously, it’s Aamir that extends it further with his act and he appears to have thoroughly enjoyed playing the slimy composer. In 1 or 2 shots of Secret Superstar Movie, Ram Shankar Nikhumb – his character from Taare Zameen Par – takes over, particularly when he’s seen lecturing the young girl on her talent.

In an interaction with the United Arab Emirates media on the day of the trailer launch, Aamir said that he selects a subject purely by how it affects him. If it touches him, it does not take long to say yes to a project.

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