Pixel Cyberpunk in VirtuaVerse

Pixel Cyberpunk in VirtuaVerse

The upcoming adventure game VirtuaVerse has demonstrated the allure of pink and purple neon. Yes, yes, cyberpunk is something more, and I hope that the game will have in common with the origins of the genre, in addition to street signs in kanji and crypto-shamans. And see how good this trailer is.

I believe that this is the trick of the artificial intelligence that captured the whole world in VirtuaVerse, which makes me see what I really want to see. A strange diskette with a QR code suddenly suggests how they integrate tangible technology with sleek augmented reality interfaces. Hope it’s not that easy!

This story is about Nathan, who must explore the world to find his girlfriend Jay. Nathan lives outside the Network and he is among those few who are able to see reality as it is.

Steam says that the game VirtuaVerse will be available “in the future, but not so far away.” In the meantime, you can follow the updates on their page .

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