NASA chose the best housing for Mars – MARSHA capsule

Employees of the company, whose project NASA has chosen to build houses on Mars, said that their housing can be adapted for earthly needs.

The Marsha capsule, consisting of several levels and produced by means of 3 D- seals from the materials underneath, was named by NASA experts the winner of the Martian housing contest. The authors of the winning project said that a composite consisting of basalt and other materials found on the Red Planet will be used for Martian housing. The interior is supposed to be made of plastic based on vegetable components, which will also be biodegradable.

During the experiments, NASA scientists were convinced that this project is superior to competitors in durability and strength of the structure. As the authors of the development emphasized, their houses can be built not only on Mars, but also on Earth, for which components have already been selected.

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