MATRIX S7XI (2013)

MATRIX S7XI (2013)

Revolutionary touchscreen of 16 inches – WI-FI access to various Internet applications, multimedia synchronization with most smartphones and tablets, built-in equipment management system, interactive video “Virtual Landscape”

The Matrix steppers of the 2013th release received updated consoles for the 5th and 7th episodes. Basically, these are minor cosmetic changes, the technical specifications remain the same. Separately, there is the newest console 7Xi – this is a modern 16-inch touchscreen display with a wide range of interactive features.

DESIGN. Aesthetics, organic, with a certain rigor and even, perhaps, the brutality of forms has always distinguished Matrix simulators from the rest. Steppers of the “S” series is a perfectly implemented design solution, made in a single concept with the rest of the Matrix cardio group. Regardless of whether you are going to use the stepper in the hall together with other Matrix simulators or separately, the simulator will harmoniously fit into any interior.

BIOMECHANICS. Impeccable biomechanics of Matrix steppers is achieved due to the point-like trajectory of movements, the optimal height of the step and the distance between the pedals, and also thanks to the high-quality component of the most famous world brands.

FUNCTIONALITY. Matrix steppers are not only convenient and safe, they have the widest range of different functions. First of all, these are great consoles with a built-in set of various training programs – in addition to the standard classic ones, this includes the specialized profile “WFI-protocol” (an analogue of the fitness test of the US Fire Service). Matrix is ​​traditionally among the leaders in introducing new software solutions. They relate to a variety of aspects of the operation of the simulator – from watching on-line channels and Internet access, entertainment component using devices on the iOS platform (Apple), fitness-oriented multimedia on-line service  Netpulse and the revolutionary interactive video technology, Virtual Landscape ™ (VirtualActive ™), before the AssetManagement wireless global system for collecting operational data.

The core of the E7Xi stepper is a state-of-the-art 16-inch touchscreen display with a wide range of interactive features. At the heart of such opportunities lies the mPower ™ software platform, built on three fundamental principles: ENTERTAINMENT, MOTIVATION and SERVICE. mPower ™ is a unique development of Matrix Fitness, designed to bring together all the modern interactive technologies in order to create a set of incentives for the user to exercise regularly and achieve their goals. The concept of mPower ™ was developed by a specially invited group of famous sports psychologists from the Adler School (Chicago, USA).

ENTERTAINMENT. The monotony and boredom, which inevitably accompany the training, are the main reasons for which people throw fitness. Therefore, the first priority of the mPower ™ concept is to create an entertainment environment that helps overcome the routine of the training process. This includes, first of all, the Virtual HD ™ quality interactive video technology (VirtualActive ™) that simulates running across various landscapes of North America – from the Valley of Geysers in Yellowstone National Park to the Alley of Stars in Hollywood, the Swiss Alps and the quiet streets of Italy also in many other beautiful places of the world. Secondly, it is access to the Internet based on the built-in Internet browser or menu with icons-applications – such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, weather service and a number of other services. 
Thirdly, multimedia. You can watch video or listen to music either by connecting iOS devices (Apple) or on a USB flash drive. A separate option is the playback of video / audio content “on demand” (requires additional equipment – Netpulse media gateway). And finally, the console provides the ability to watch full-fledged terrestrial television.

MOTIVATION. Along with monotony, loss of motivation also often leads to the cessation of training. For this, mPower ™ has two options – a fitness oriented Netpulse service and the  MyFitnessPal app . 
Online service Netpulse collects all the basic training data that can be viewed and analyzed in the future. The program provides an opportunity to set training goals and monitors their implementation. Finally, you can take part in various international competitions that are regularly held by Netpulse. Of course, achievements and victories are available for publication in social networks. Add to this the popular application MyFitnessPal, whose task is to provide maximum information on calorie expenditure, nutrition and exercise. This assistant will always provide accurate data: how many calories are consumed and how close the goal is. 
Separately it is necessary to focus on the cross-branded master account xID. This option is based on cloud technologies, which makes it possible to create your universal personal account and continue to use it anywhere in the world where there is equipment that supports xID. And this applies not only to Matrix – this is implemented by such manufacturers as Technogym, LifeFitness, Cybex and other leaders of the fitness industry. In other words, today you can go to your personal account on the Matrix track at the Sydney hotel, and tomorrow you can connect to the Technogym ellipsoid at the Los Angeles club. At the same time, xID provides full access to personal, relevant training data, automatic integration with the services of Netpulse, MyFitnessPal, Facebook, Twitter, as well as other diverse functionality. 
In addition to the above, it is possible to test yourself at a higher and professional level. To this end, mPower presents several specialized profiles (training on the standards of the US Army, the Gerkin Protocol of the US Fire Service, the PEB test of the US Federal Marshals Service, and others).

SERVICE – the third component of mPower ™ – built on the online technology Asset Management ™ (Equipment Management System ™) and is designed to address several issues at once. First, it is an automatic notification of the need for maintenance of the simulator. Secondly, the same automatic notification of the detected errors. In each of these cases, the data is also uploaded to the authorized MATRIX regional distributor. In addition, Asset Management ™ provides a statistical calculation of the load on a specific simulator (with the possibility of different groupings) – this is an excellent tool for analyzing what equipment, how much and how it is used in the hall.

Framehigh-strength wear-resistant with two-layer painting and varnishing
Loading systemelectromagnetic (JID ™ hybrid generator)
Number of load levels25 (18 watts)
Pedalsrubber anti-slip
Distance between pedals83 mm. (Q-Factor supersmall ESQF ™)
Step height310 mm.
Pulse measurementtouch sensors, Polar receiver
Console16-inch touch (FitTouch ™) color multimedia TFT-LCD Vista Clear ™ display
Console readingsdynamic / static profile, time, distance, speed, revolutions per minute, levels, calories, calories per hour, pulse, metabolic units, Watts
Number of programs11 (including pulsating)
Program Specificationsmanual mode, intervals, “hills”, fat burning, Cooper Institute fit test, 3 targets, 1 random, 1 Watt-fixed, 1 heart rate-dependent
Training statisticsextended (Netpulse cloud service), built-in workout calendar
Special software featuresxID cross-branded master account, Virtual Landscape ™ interactive video (Virtual Active ™), MyFitnessPal fitness assistant, Equipment Management ™ system (Asset Management ™), Netpulse multimedia service
Multimediaplayback of live channels, synchronization with tablets and smartphones based on iOS (including audio / video playback), audio / video playback via USB, Internet TV (IPTV Ready), audio / video on demand based on Netpulse (optional requires Netpulse media gateway)
the InternetMatrix browser, quick access to various applications (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MyFitnessPal, weather, etc.)
IntegrationUSB, iPod/iPhone/iPad, Audio/Video IN (RCA), Audio IN (mini-jack 3.5 mm), TV IN (RF), Ethernet RJ45, WI-FI, CSAFE-FitLinxx™ Ready
Multilingual interfaceyes (full software russification)
Fanthree speed
Size in working condition (L * W * H)114 * 79 * 179 cm.
Net weight118 kg.
Gross weight126 kg.
Max. user weight182 kg.
Nutrition220 Volt network
Warranty5 years
ManufacturerJohnson Health Tech, США
Country of manufactureTaiwan

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