Infiniti R9

Infiniti R9

Rowing is a very effective set of exercises, because in the course of its execution, all the major muscle groups of both the upper and lower body parts, as well as the cardiovascular system, are simultaneously trained.

The rowing Infiniti R9 exercise machine with the new SE9-IR computer

Foldable aluminum frame (rail) and transport rollers allow effortlessly to bring the simulator into position for storage. The simulator has a conveniently located display with a variable installation angle. Comfortable ergonomic seat. The system of rollers provides a silent course during training. The range of movement of the seat allows users to engage in any height. The built-in telemetric application allows you to monitor the pulse change if you use the  Infiniti TR-101 chest strap  (optional, not included).

In this model, load control buttons are located on the steering wheel, which allows you to change the resistance level during a workout without stopping the exercise. IR control. Power supply CR2025 battery.

The main advantages of the rowing simulator Infiniti R9 with the new computer SE9-IR are:

New computer LCD monitor and a touch control buttons 
load change button arranged on the handlebars control the infrared channel 
Fully automatic aeromagnetic system load 
Compact design 
combination of aerobic and strength exercise 
Quality System rollers 
Transport rollers 
Foldable model 
scan parameter mode workout 
Automatic on / off the computer 
Touch pulse control 
Comfortable ergonomic seat 
adjustable seat 
adjustable angle of inclination disp Her 
pulse measurement via wireless wireless pulse belts (optional, not included)
The extended frame of the simulator is suitable for people of any height. 
Durable steel frame, aluminum frame, seat and pedals made of plastic 
. Ventilation system (airflow) with air flow control

Simulator parameters

Number of programs:  42 
Computer readings:  counting, distance, workout time, calorie consumption, pulse rate, tempo in watts, number of strokes per minute, total number of strokes 
Number of load levels:  16 
Maximum user weight:  130 kg 
power:  220V through 6V adapter / 1000mA (included) 
Size in working position:  230 x 50 x 91 cm 
Dimensions in assembled position:  130 x 50 x 167 cm 
Exercise machine weight:  36 kg Packaging dimensions: 146 x 79 x 27 cm Packaging weight:  42 kg Production country: Taiwan Warranty:  12 months 

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