Infiniti R70

Infiniti R70

Rowing is a very effective set of exercises, because during its execution all major muscle groups of both upper and lower body parts, as well as the cardiovascular system, are simultaneously trained.

The main characteristics of the rowing simulator Infiniti R70 are:

Large monochrome computer with LCD monitor 
Battery power 
Aeromagnetic mechanical load system 
6 load levels Compact design Aerobic and strength exercises combination High-quality roller system Transport rollers Foldable model Scanning exercise parameters mode Automatic computer on / off Comfortable ergonomic seat Adjustable seat Adjustable angle of the display Pulse measurement : not provided. We recommend to purchase the DFC W117 set : a cardiopole and a watch monitor for monitoring. The extended frame of the simulator is suitable for people of any height. 
Sturdy steel frame, aluminum frame, seat and plastic pedals 
Ventilation system (airflow) with air flow control

Computer functions
Training time 
Calorie consumption 
Number of strokes per minute 

Maximum user weight: 100 kg 

Dimensions in working position: 198 x 46 x 86 cm 
Dimensions in folded position: 
Package dimensions: 128 x 77 x 25 cm 
Weight: 27/33, 9 kg

Country of Origin: Taiwan 
Warranty: 12 months

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