Hasttings Wega R100

Hasttings Wega R100

Hasttings Wega R100, an updated rowing machine, with an amazing range of programs and a powerful ECB resistance system, thanks to which the user has much more opportunities to use this simulator, both in normal and in intensive mode. The quiet operation of the simulator, even with intensive use, which is an important detail when choosing a home simulator, Hasttings Wega R100 will not cause inconvenience to you and your neighbors. Anatomical seat, wide pedals with adjustable foot stoppers, ergonomic handle and powerful loading – all this as a result gives you the opportunity to achieve the best results during your workout.

Hasttings Wega R100 FEATURES

  • 12 pre-installed programs;
  • Ability to program workouts for 4 users;
  • Russified console.

Hasttings Wega R100 ADVANTAGES

  • ECB loading system;
  • A motion indicator that shows exactly where the rower is located;
  • When training is involved, the maximum number of muscles of the body.
NameRowing machine Hasttings Wega R100
TrademarkHASTTINGS ®
Loading systemECB Intellectual
Noise levelsilent
Cardio Beltoptional
Maximum value, W0 – 400
Gear ratio4.6:1
Maximum user weight (kg)150
Shipping rollersYes
Compensators for uneven floorsYes
A set of keys for assemblyYes
DisplayColor LCD
The number of resistance levels16
Total number of programs25 (12 preset, manual, 4 heart rate, 4 user, Watt, Race mode, Fitness test, w / BMI analysis)
User programs4
Pulse-dependent programs4 (55%, 75%, 90%, TAG – individual mode)
Recovery testYes
Calorie consumption displayYes
Distance displayYes
Workout time displayYes
Speed ​​displayYes
Pulse displayYes
Display the number of revolutionsYes
The possibility of programming a workoutYes
Quality certificateCE + GS
Branded warranty2 years (1 year from the manufacturer + 1 year * additional)
Dimensions in working condition (cm) (L x W x H)220 x 55 x 55
Dimensions when folded (cm) (L x W x H)95 x 55 x 148
Package Dimensions (cm) (L x W x H)137 x 23.5 x 65
Net Weight (kg)38,5
Gross weight (kg)43,7

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