Google has blocked about 90 thousand websites

Google has blocked about 90 thousand websites.

Google removed about two billion ads and blocked 90 thousand websites due to violations of current legislation. This “cleansing” was carried out as part of their  new campaign to combat illegal advertising.

Technical experts of the American corporation Google blocked about ninety thousand websites. It is reported that they have checked the ads ordered on the inside site of the search engine for violations of applicable laws. About two billion were removed due to non-compliance.

The corporation reported that through the context (approx. Contextual advertising) very often sell illegal items. In particular, we are talking about prohibited drugs and weapons.

Due to the camouflage of prohibited items by cyber criminals, legal experts from Google introduced 31 rules for publishing ads. To date, the corporation has banned advertise for firms engaged in cryptocurrency, blockchain, binary options, and so on.

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