Gamers called the trailer for GTA VI fake

Gamers called the trailer for GTA VI fake

Gamers deny the veracity of the previously released video , which was considered a trailer for GTA VI.

Yesterday we reported that a video was published on the Internet, which many considered an official trailer for the expected game Grand Theft Auto VI. The video tells that GTA VI is supposedly announced to be announced at the future E3 game exhibition, which will be held in Los Angeles in June.

Nevertheless, the participants of the gaming forum expressed distrust regarding this, stating that this video is a banal information stuff. As a reinforcement of their words, the players sorted out the video on the subject of fakes and openly showed serious inaccuracies in creating a teaser, saying that the respected company Rockstar, which is the developer of GTA, could not afford to create such a cheap trailer for one of the most anticipated games.

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