Epson L805 Printer

Epson L805 Printer

The Epson L805 printer prints incredible shade pictures at a record low cost. Users can join the printer to a laptop or print without delay from smartphones and capsules running iOS and Android.

1 year
Color printing
Amount of colors
print format
(210 x 297 mm)

Epson L805 Printer Features

A feature of all Epson Print Factory gadgets is print except cartridges. Instead of cartridges, Epson L805 has containers constructed in from which ink enters the print head along exceptional paths. At the equal time, the unique structure of the tanks and the pressure manipulate system guarantee high pleasant printing and reliability of the device.

Instead of the normal 7 ml cartridges, the gadgets of the Epson Print Factory series use large 70 ml ink containers! A set of six sizable containers (70 ml each) is included in the delivery package, which is sufficient to print 1,800 snap shots of 10×15 format.

Epson L805 Printer

The capability to wirelessly connect by way of Wi-Fi will store area on your computer — you can installation the printer in any handy region and send print jobs from any corner of the rental or office.

Another benefit of the Epson L805 Print Factory is aid for the Epson iPrint application. With it, you can print pix from any mobile device based on iOS or Android. The utility allows you to print archives and images in JPEG and PDF.

Epson L805 Photo Printer is ideal for printing amazing photos, and for printing documents at excessive speeds. Thanks to water-soluble inks, excessive resolution up to 5760×1440 dpi and minimum drop dimension (only 1.5 picoliter), the printer copes with the transfer of complex colorations and color transitions, while printing science with variable size approves you to keep high speed.

The one-of-a-kind plan of ink tanks and containers lets in even an inexperienced user to without difficulty deal with ink refills. You do no longer want extras – simply flip the container with the spout down and pour the ink into the container.

Epson L805 prints pix with or without margins, up to A4. Choose your own – neat body around the area of the picture or print “to the edge.

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