Did Earth have two moons?

two moons

Everyone knows that the main satellite of our planet is the moon. But many peoples in ancient times noted the presence of two Lunas at once on our planet … Could they have been and what would have changed had the Earth had several satellites?

Records of ancient peoples

They say that not one, but two moons were satellites of the Earth about six thousand years ago. This information is recorded in the beliefs and ancient treatises of different nations of the world, for example, in the Slavic Vedas. Scientists who have studied the strange phenomena of celestial bodies falling from above on the territory of Argentina speak about this phenomenon, only in a different time interval.

two moons

The search for the wreckage of the second moon

Suddenly a fallen asteroid was discovered by people in the 16th century. In a place called Campo del Cielo, the first discoverers of them were the conquistadors who used the found fragments to make military weapons. Two centuries later, the manager of one of the Argentine settlements sent an expedition to a huge chunk. After a long search, the lump was nevertheless found, but it was not possible to transport it to the city – it weighed almost fifteen tons.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the remains of a meteorite, weighing a little more than a ton, were found there, which made it possible to drag half of it to Buenos Aires. There he was bought by an Englishman, Derish, who gave this hulk to the British Museum, where it remains to this day.

All these findings interested scientist from Columbia University Kessidi. Not one of his expedition was put forward in search of fallen meteorites. What is important – almost always the campaigns of the professor were successful. During his research, Kessidy stumbled upon a strange fact: usually after a meteorite explosion, its fragments fall to the ground within a radius of one and a half kilometers, while in Argentina this spread was as much as 17 kilometers.

Not having had time to comprehend this fact, a new science surfaced before the scientist: the territory of the fall of the fragments of the meteorite expanded. It turns out that similar, but smaller fragments were found even in Australia. To make sure that he was right, Dr. Cassidy examined the composition of all the pieces collected, establishing their full identity.

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