Concept2 model D

Concept2 model D

Efficient and modern rowing machine designed for training at home or in small gyms. Rowing imitation is considered universal cardio training – several muscle groups are involved – shoulder girdle, back, hips, and press. This simulator has numerous user options that will make sports much more productive.

Flywheel and adjustable damper . The main feature of the Concept2 rowing simulators is a combination of an air flywheel and a damper adjustable in 10 positions. This design feature allows you to smoothly adjust the desired load in the stroke phase for a comfortable and effective training session. The flywheel design used in Concept2 simulators minimizes noise during training.

Low profile . The low location of the monorail (height 35.6 cm from the floor level) allows the simulator to be stable and stable in all training modes and with any user weight

Storage and mobility . Model D has a quick-release (no tools required) Framelock mechanism, so you can easily disassemble the simulator into two parts for storage. Transport wheels on the front support allow you to move the assembled Concept2 for installation in a convenient location.

Adjustable footboard for shoes and ergonomic handle . The design of the footboard of the simulator provides 10 levels for setting a comfortable position of the legs on the support. The ergonomic Concept2 handle has a smooth bend of 10 degrees for a natural arrangement of hands during rowing.

The chain with nickel-plated coating  allows longer breaks between lubricants, besides, it is partially closed in the housing, which makes it less polluted.

The aluminum frame with powder coating  ensures better stability, and the stainless steel monorail provides a smooth sliding seat.

Space requirements : 244 x 61 cm, with a margin for use: 274 x 122 cm, for storage: 63.5 x 83.8 x 137.2 cm.

Loading system:aerodynamic
Load power, W .:no data
Nutrition:not required
Number of load levels:10
Number of programs:not
Pulse measurement:built-in cardiac receiver (cardiopulmon sold separately)
Display:monochrome backlit LCD. Displays distance, speed, pace, calories, watts
Max. user weight, kg .:227
Shipping rollers:Yes
Compensators for uneven floors:Yes
Dimensions in working condition, see (LxWxH):244x61x36 height is indicated on the seat
Dimensions in the folded state, see (LxWxH):63x84x137
Packing dimensions, see (LxWxH):38x55x142
Net weight, kg .:26
Nickel plated chain.
Stainless steel frame.
Adjustable footboards and ergonomic handle.
Low profile-Concept 2 Model D is stable under any load and does not depend on the intensity and weight of the athlete.The seat height is 35.6 cm, which fully corresponds to the position of the rower.
The system of adjusting the position of the monitor allows you to adjust the desired height and angle of inclination for easy perception of information during training.
The PM5 monitor receives and displays heart rate data (heart rate), paired with a Garmin or Polar chest strap transmitter.

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