China wants to build the world’s longest underwater tunnel

Engineers of the Celestial Empire are going to surprise the world by creating the longest underwater structure – a tunnel 125 kilometers long. The facility will have to connect the northern and southern shores of the Bohai Bay, and the cost of its construction will exceed $ 40 billion.

Nearly 30 years in China, scientists and engineers developed a project of an underwater tunnel that will have to connect the two shores of the Bohai Bay – the southern (near the port of Yantai) and the northern (near the city of Dalian). According to experts from the Middle Kingdom, the project will take about 19 years to complete, and the construction of the tunnel will cost the Chinese budget about $ 43 billion.

However, it is not these figures that strike the imagination, but another indicator – the length of the underwater tunnel, which will be a record 125 kilometers. For comparison, the length of the two current longest tunnels in the world together is about 105 kilometers – the Japanese Seikan is about 54 km, and the Eurotunnel has a length of 51 km.

Works should start in 2020.

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