Braun 9260PS Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

Braun 9260PS

The Braun 9260PS Wet and Dry shaver is a convenient technique for wet and dry shaving, with well-thought-out ergonomics. The rubberized body fits well in the hand, and the floating mesh head repeats all the contours of the face, ensuring smoothness without cuts and minor injuries.

Braun 9260PS Specifications

Type of razor
No. of shaving heads
Wet shave
Facial contour repetition
Washing the knives under water
Use in the shower
Fixation floating. heads
Ultrasonic vibration mode
Built-in trimmer
Battery operation
up to 50 minutes

Smooth Shaving

Shaving head moves in 10 instructions in order to cut off the hair on the face as easy as possible. After shaving, then you can rinse it under running water or wash it with a proprietary brush that comes in the kit.

High Autonomy

Braun 9260PS Shaver is equipped with a rechargeable battery, so it may work without a cable for 50 minutes without recharging. Charging is built into the desktop stand to restore razor freedom at the time when you aren’t using it.

Convenient Indication

A small screen is provided on the razor body, which displays settings and tips modes and the time for replacing the head. LED indication will warn about the need beforehand.

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