Braun 3050cc Electric Shaver

Braun 3050cc electric shaver

The Braun 3050ss razor is a Series 3 model with an improved Triple Action FreeFloat ™ system for a gentle and clean shave.

Braun 3050cc Electric Shaver Specifications

Type of razor
No. of shaving heads
Facial contour repetition
Washing the knives under water
Built-in trimmer
Battery operation
up to 45 minutes
Battery charging indication
Number of nozzles

Perfect result

As a result of the triple razor system and increased rotational speed, the skin will be incredibly smooth: the two nets and the integrated intermediate trimmer shave much cleaner. The trimmer lifts and cuts adjacent hairs into the skin, ensuring a perfect result – smooth and quickly shaved skin. Special microbrush using MicroComb ™ technology directs more hair in the cutting portions of the razor, improving the quality of shaving and minimizing irritation.

Trimmer for precise modeling

Braun 3050ss is designed not only for shaving, but also for modeling whiskers, mustaches and beards. Fantastic cutting properties and high precision work allow you to create any images.

Cleaning Power

Because of the Clean & Renew ™ cleaning and recharging system, it takes just one touch of a button to fully care for the razor. The system includes a special cleaning solution and induction drying. The razor recharges automatically and smells good with a fresh lemon scent.


One hour of charging is enough for 45 minutes of battery life. Fast 5-minute charging provides a complete wireless shaving session.


  • mains and battery operation
  • shaves cleanly


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