Boneco U 7135 Air Humidifier Review

Boneco U 7135 Air Humidifier

The Boneco U 7135 air humidifier employs the ultrasonic spraying principle, which does not change the temperature in the room and doesn’t allow the formation of white sediment onto the surrounding surfaces. It is equipped with an extremely reliable titanium nitride-coated membrane – it withstands long-term continuous operation without cracking and other damage.

Boneco U 7135 Air Humidifier Specifications

Air humidifier type
Max. productivity (l / h)
Rec. floor area (2.6 m)
up to 60 square meters. m
Water tank
6.5 l
Removable tank d / water
Control type
Number of operating modes
Ultrasound. water spray
Warm steam mode
Mode automatic moisture support
Water disinfection
Built-in hygrometer

Full Clean

The device can use tap water thanks to the use of a three-stage filtration system. The liquid passes through an ion exchange cartridge, a pasteurization chamber and a fine mesh, due to that mineral compounds, heavy metals, solid particles and harmful bacteria are removed from it.

Long Working

The humidifier can be started even before leaving the house – it comes with a 9-hour shutdown timer and a locking system in the lack of water, in addition to a capacious container for liquids.

Automatic Tuning

Built-in electronic hygrostat permits you to keep a constant level of moisture, relieving breathing and protecting mucous membranes from irritation.

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