Acoustic Hi-Fi Yamaha NS-P150

Acoustic Hi-Fi Yamaha NS-P150

Acoustic system Hi-Fi Yamaha NS-P150 is a set of 1 central and two the front speakers. The front speakers of the shelving unit are individual by using nominal energy of 20 W and a maximum one of 60 W, the frequency range is from sixty-two Hz to 38 kHz, the section inverter format all collectively provides clear sound even at low frequencies except interference and distortion.

Features Acoustic Hi-Fi Yamaha NS-P150

Common parameters
Type of
Hi-Fi speaker system
Yamaha NS-P150
Main color
the black
Kit contents
center 1 pc., front 2 pcs.
Main characteristics
Rated total power (W)
50 W
Maximum total power (W)
140 W
Minimum Reproducible Frequency (Hz)
62 Hz
Maximum Reproducible Frequency (kHz)
38 kHz
6 ohm
Body material
Front speakers
Front speaker option
Power front speakers
rated 20 W, maximum 60 W
Front Speaker Frequency Range
62 Hz – 38 kHz
Acoustic design of the front speakers
phase inverter
Number of front speaker bars
Front speakers
HF 14 mm, LF 80 mm
Front speaker height
235 mm
Front Column Depth
127 mm
Front speaker width
130 mm
Front speaker weight
1.2 kg
Central column
Central speaker power
rated 30 watts, maximum 80 watts
A frequency range of the central speaker
65 Hz – 38 kHz
Acoustic design of the center speaker
phase inverter
The number of bands of the central column
Center speaker speakers
HF 14 mm, LF 80 mm
Center column height
130 mm
Center column depth
127 mm
Center column width
395 mm
Center speaker weight
2.1 kg
Yamaha NS-P150PN Center/Surround Speaker Package (3) Black
Price: $160.82
7 new from $160.800 used
Studio: YAMAHA
Format: Electronics
Running time:

The center speaker with the electricity of 80 W at the maximum is two-way, which approves you to make the sound extra “multifaceted.” Hi-Fi Yamaha NS-P150 black in the case of MDF seems to be stylish, powerful and solid.

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