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Honest review – LED Xiaomi MI TV P1 43

If you want to switch to the picture from the computer (the wire to the PC is obviously connected) – please “OK Google, HDMI input 1), if you have a station from Yandex, tell it to switch to the desired HDMI and voila, you just need to watch TV, yes please, any command voice is perceived without problems and errors.Even – switching on and off.

– Sound quality (no matter what anyone says, it sounds much better than the old LG TV, in which the sound was considered a powerful advantage)

– Connection to a PC (overscale up to 1920×1080) – works great – there are no problems with displaying FullHD pictures

– No glare, deep black color.

– Price, objectively in the budget of 25000 (for 43`) it is better not to find.

I took it about two months ago, this is my first TV in the last 10 years. In fact, it is only used to watch YouTube and movies / series in one application. The sound is decent, the desire to buy a soundbar has disappeared. Image quality is satisfactory. I connected to wi-fi without any problems, set it up using a smartphone. Since then, wi-fi has never taken off. The first launch was successful, they immediately began to go to YouTube.

Functionality –


There are many different PAID cinemas, YouTube, play market and Google.

My word – I tell you, this is the best option! I doubted for a long time, read the reviews, but they are so different, nothing is clear, I asked the seller, and he helped me to establish that today, at this moment in our life, this TV is the best option, no one will block its updates, and then it’s an android , very convenient, especially since everything is via wifi. The picture is bright and super clear, the sound is excellent, virtually frameless, just a delight! And yes, I am a fan of Xiaomi, and the phone and TV, and other equipment completely suits me! Without antlers, working equipment of excellent quality. So, don’t listen to the whiners who have it all wrong. And about the first inclusion, so there is a button at the bottom under the frame!

Screen –

here it’s just great, 60 GHz, 4k, the bomb. The diagonal is what you need, the image is gorgeous, the menu is easy and intuitive.
Remote control – A very convenient remote control, bluetooth works from another room, there are no extra buttons and voice control is very convenient, it turns on and off instantly, in general I recommend it!

70% of people are afraid of the word China, they associate it with fake, marriage, return.

do not be afraid of him, this is a ray of light, for little money.

top 3 phone companies for 2021, 2022, 2023:

1st place Samsung
2nd place Apple
3rd place Xiaomi
Price – quality, a big price does not mean quality, but a small one does not mean that it is not of high quality.

I am a fan and bastard of new xiaomi innovations.

Few reviews:


Beautiful frameless design
Good picture,
Doesn’t slow down
bright picture,
Easy to install,
Value for money,
Convenient remote control
Android TV,
Buttons on the remote control can be reassigned,
From a USB flash drive, you can download the application apk file not from the play market,
Voice control is completely convenient,
no lights,
Ability to connect any bluetooth device,
Ability to connect to a PC
works smartly,
Bluetooth 5.0
digital broadcast channels,

For such a price, it can not be, but there is one thing ..
Sometimes, when you turn on the sound, there is no image, you have to rip it out of the socket
Outcome –

Overall a great TV for the price! There are no dead pixels, no flickering and other things, the sound for the TV is excellent, those who write bad, either they got a marriage, or they confuse it with the sound from audio systems, at the expense of the first inclusion of the TV, read the manual, everything is brief and clear there ( most do not do this), then follow the step-by-step prompts on TV. Regarding the remote control, yes, the control is peculiar, you need to get used to it, but generally simple. By setting up channels, I found 50 channels in my cable machine, went to the “quick settings” set the frequency manually (you can find it out from your provider) – the result is 251 channels! I haven’t connected satellite yet, I’ll connect and unsubscribe. And yet, TV is connected to the Internet through a twisted pair router – nothing lags.

For the money, a very worthy option. What will happen in half a year and beyond, of course time will tell.

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