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General cleaning of the washing machine – step by step guide

Tired of looking at the dirt in the tray, and the dirt from under the gum is already spoiling light things? Maybe the washing machine started to rattle and drain badly? It’s time to do a general cleaning inside the washing machine. Let’s get started!

What problems can general cleaning solve, besides cleanliness?

Poor health of the family. If you suffer from a prolonged runny nose or a family member suddenly has an allergy, a possible cause of these conditions is mold in the washing machine. Another symptom of mold in your car is black spots or dots on your clothes.
The machine does not drain water or does not drain completely. Possible causes: clogged drain filter or drain hose.
When spinning, something knocks in the machine. There may be solid objects in the drain filter, coins, stones, or something similar.
The machine does not draw water well or at all. Possible cause: clogged fuel filter.
The machine does not take the powder from the tray, you have to pour the powder into the drum. Most likely, your tray and tray compartment require immediate cleaning.
Things smell bad after washing. The point is clear: bacteria live in the typewriter, we urgently need to expel them from there.
On light-colored things, after washing, there are red spots. This rust gets on clothes, you need to wash the filler filter and the compartment with the powder tray.
There are gray spots on clothes after washing or the clothes do not stretch well. It is necessary to rinse the drum, cuff and door – they definitely have dirt on them, perhaps invisible to the eye.
If there is dirt in the machine, then the quality of the wash will be extremely low. All mold and dirt with water flows will go into the laundry.

First power on
The purpose of the first power-up is not only to check the machine’s performance, but also to wash off the factory grease. To do this, it is not necessary to buy a special tool, you can simply run a cycle at 60 ° C without laundry with any tool.

TrayTired of looking at rust, hard deposits from powder and hard water, or mold in the tray? It’s time to wash the tray to its original form.

Step 1. Remove the tray

Are you sure the tray can’t be removed? Most washing machines do. To find out, look through the instructions from the washing machine, download it on the Internet, find it on the store’s website or look for a video on YouTube.

The easiest way to pull out the tray is if there is a special tongue. Most LG, Bosch, DEXP, Midea and other washing machines have it. The tongue may not necessarily look like a button and be blue. In some machines, the treasured button is made in the form of a flower or the inscription “MAX”. We find, press and easily remove the tray.

Step 2. Soak, do not rub

Let’s save hands, time and refuse mechanical impact on dirt.

Place the tray in a basin, fill it with hot water, and then add the Sanox or Duck 5 in 1 cleaner. Do not use chlorine-based products – the detergent is never completely washed off, if even a drop remains, it will damage the color of your clothes when washing. An example is in the photo below.

We leave the tray for a couple of hours. After 5-10 minutes, you can see how the rust goes away, and it brightens.

Council . After washing, always pull the powder tray out a little so that it dries. Even better, after each wash, pull it out and wipe it.

CuffAnother important point of general cleaning of the machine is the door seal. Dirt and mold on an elastic band always come into contact with linen, you should especially pay attention to the cleanliness of the seal when washing children’s clothes. Therefore, after each wash, wipe the sealing cuff dry with a soft cloth and remove foreign objects from the elastic band.

Get a cloth specifically for the cuff and keep it nearby. Wipe the machine door regularly with the same cloth.

If mold lives on the cuff, then when washing it will always fall on clothes. It is dangerous to wear such clothes, because through breathing we will bring mold into our body.

Council . When buying a washing machine, pay attention to the color of the cuff. The blue cuff is antibacterial, mold does not appear on it so quickly.

Washing machine Haier HW70-BP12758
[wash – 7 kg, dry – 0 kg, front-load, consumption 50.5 l, spin – 1200 rpm, programs – 16, steam, 58 dB, 59.5 cm x 85 cm x 46 cm]
Not available
How to clean the cuff:

We wipe the cuff in the folds. We remove the blackness around the entire circumference of the gum. You can use wet wipes first.
We clean the holes on the elastic band with a cotton swab.
We clean the dirt under the cuff. We wipe with a napkin in all accessible places or remove the cuff and rinse everything.
We take baking soda or soda ash. Soda ash will be more effective for heavy pollution, but only work with gloves! Mix with water until slurry.
Apply to the cuff and leave for half an hour.

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