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Deep Blue Sea: Best Underwater Games

The underwater world has always attracted explorers and adventurers. The gaming sector has not bypassed him either. In this material, we analyze the most famous games, the actions of which develop above and below water.

The first games on this subject began to appear in the seventies. Most of them combined land and water levels. We will not list all the projects – we will highlight only the most significant ones. One of the first games is Depthcharge , released in 1977 by Sega for the Atari. Fantom was released in 1983. There, at the water level, you could play as a dolphin dodging jellyfish. In 1992, Sega was noted for the memorable adventure game Ecco the Dolphin , the first game in the Ecco dolphin series. The arcade had some elements of the simulator: the need for oxygen, echolocation, and so on.


Over the years, the number of underwater games of different genres has increased. Let’s dwell on the most interesting and significant projects.

Fear of the deep
In some games, you can not only wander under water to your heart’s content, but at the same time shoot well and get scared.

One of the most famous underwater shooters with immersive sim elements , released by Irrational Games in 2007. Its events unfolded in the 1960s in the underwater city of Rapture. It was built by the eccentric billionaire Andrew Wright, who dreamed of creating a society without hostility, malice and aggression. However, good intentions led to irreparable consequences, which the protagonist Jack will have to deal with.


In front of the player, every now and then, views of a futuristic city towering under water flashed, sea water poured from holes in the walls, and the whole atmosphere breathed a marine theme.

In 2015, the studio Frictional Games, known for Amnesia, released a sci-fi horror game. Its action was developed at the underwater station PATHOS-II. The hero, Simon Jarrett, goes to the hospital for an experimental brain scan. After scanning, he finds himself in the future year 2104, aboard the same station.


The player explored the complex’s stations, completed various quests, and learned of Simon’s (and PATHOS-II’s) fate. From the premises of the station, the player fell directly to the ocean floor. Soma immersed the player not only under water, but also in a well-developed plot. There intertwined ideas about digital immortality, the existence of consciousness outside the body and life after death.


The graphics were not replete with special realism and beauty, but this did not in the least spoil the impression of the gameplay. The game perfectly conveys the oppressive atmosphere of loneliness and hopelessness. It is only reinforced by the many kilometers of water above your head.

The spiritual successor to Soma, released in 2017 by indie studio Honor Code. Narcosis is an underwater survival horror. The protagonist moves around in a powerful titanium suit, performs simple missions and tries to cope with his growing madness.


This is what the growing madness of the protagonist looks like. If you do not find a way out of the location in time, the screen gradually darkens and the hero dies.

As in Soma, the rooms are periodically replaced by the underwater world, which is not so safe anymore. In addition to aggressive deep-sea inhabitants, the hero needs to cope with his fears and hallucinations. The main mechanic in the game is the constant need for oxygen. If the protagonist saw the corpses of his comrades or he was attacked by underwater inhabitants, the oxygen consumption increased.


In general, a good underwater walker came out, but somewhat monotonous.

Stirring Abyss
The plot and gameplay of the game is inspired by the work of Lovecraft. According to the plot, the crew of a wrecked submarine ended up at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by incomprehensible ruins. The player needs to assemble a scattered crew of the boat, along the way learning the history of this gloomy place. All characters are divided into classes with different skills. Gameplay looks like a classic turn-based strategy game.


More fun together
Corporate games are a popular niche in the gaming environment. The esprit de corps also seeped into subsea projects.

Corporate party from the indie studio Digital Confectioners. The player has a choice. Join a group of treasure hunters, fight in an underwater battle with bloodthirsty sharks… or choose the side of the sharks so that people can take the treasure! Firearms, mines, harpoons, and various devices are supposed to help people.


Overall, it’s a killer action. Sharks are swift and cruel, and a person needs ingenuity and good weapons to survive. However, the game was coolly received. The project was criticized for the monotonous game modes, maps and the lack of any zest.

Shark Attack Deathmatch 2
A multiplayer shooter with a similar setting, but with more colorful graphics. On six maps, among which you can find the legendary Atlantis, players can enter into a deadly battle with sharks. They will have to use a different arsenal.


You can also play as a shark. If you are bored with online battles, then you can play in single-player mode, fighting against AI.

We need to go deeper
The yellow submarine in the game by Deli Interactive LLC. Corporate in which the player is a member of the crew of the submarine. He takes part in a dangerous journey through the ocean depths. Moreover, the lower the boat falls, the more difficult the struggle for survival becomes.


You need to fight not only with aggressive inhabitants (some can get on the boat). Leaks and other troubles cause no less trouble.

Simulate, Survive, Know
The most popular among underwater games are all kinds of simulators and adventure games. Some of them are educational.

A classic example of survival from Farsky Interactive, released in 2014. The graphics leave a lot to be desired, but the gameplay and game mechanics are quite varied and enjoyable. A classic survival sim concept: crash, look around, start crafting… And that’s just the beginning.


In Subnautica, the protagonist finds himself on a water-covered planet. The world has only rich flora and fauna. Note that it is the 22nd century: the hero has just survived the crash of a spaceship, having managed to escape in an escape pod. Studio Unknown Worlds Entertainment did their best – in front of us is a simulator that provides immense opportunities for exploring the world around us.



It is based on the collection and crafting of items, equipment, the study of an unusual extraterrestrial world and much more. The hero needs to eat, drink and inhale oxygen. The environment surrounding the player is beautiful and atmospheric. The game received the addition of Below Zero – no less successful than the original.

Subnautica: Below Zero (PS5)
[12+, adventure, action, release date: 05/14/2021, voice language: English, standard edition]
Not available
Do you know what Abzu is? In ancient times, this word meant “Ocean of Wisdom.” In Sumerian mythology, this is a huge underground world ocean, which is considered the source of all rivers, streams, etc. flowing on earth. The name of the game is fully justified: the action takes place on a vast expanse of water, which is filled with elements of Sumerian mythology and culture.


A game from Giant Squid Studios is sometimes referred to as an arthouse project. Note, not in vain. To melodic music, you swim slowly and without haste, watching the inhabitants of the underwater world, the simulation of which turned out to be extremely successful. Some quests are available to the player. But still, the main thing in the game is not actions, but contemplation of the world around.

beyond blue
If you are generally not indifferent to the ocean world, this project is for you. Never Alone has collaborated with BBC Studios to release an adventure simulator of a diver exploring the fauna of the Pacific Ocean. The heroine swims among sperm whales, dolphins, sharks, scans them, records the sounds they make.



Beyond Blue is not replete with a variety of mechanics or photorealistic graphics, but this does not make it worse. Before us is a really beautiful, pacifying and educational game.

Another “survivor” from Redbeet Interactive, the full version of which was released this year. Its events, like in Stranded Deep, develop not only in the underwater depths, but also on small islands of land. At the beginning of the game, the player is faced with an open world and a small raft. The player needs to survive by quenching hunger and thirst, looking for food, collecting loot and crafting items.


All this is complicated by a shark circling around the raft, which sometimes tries to bite off a piece of it. Traveling on the water surface, the player will gradually pump the raft. You can also play in a collective mode, distributing responsibilities between players. The game received positive reviews from gamers and critics.

Stranded Deep
Your plane crashed, you were left alone on a deserted island in the Devil’s Sea. But this is not the time to be discouraged! After all, there is a huge, yet unexplored territory ahead. There you can collect various items and admire the local beauties. By the way, they were a success. Thanks to procedural generation, the surrounding space around is in constant motion and change. The gameplay is based on crafting and simulation mechanics.



So, having received poisoning, the player needs to find the ingredients as quickly as possible and make an antidote.

You can’t get away from a submarine
There are a lot of submarine simulators, from arcade games to powerful 3D projects. The most famous are the Silent Hunter franchise . The games in the series present a realistic military submarine simulator. Events unfold during the Second World War. The gameplay consists of patrolling given locations, completing combat missions and fighting enemy ships.


In 2011, the gaming world saw a similar simulator – UBOAT . However, it emphasized the simulation of crew management. The player had to monitor the maintenance of morale, discipline, etc. The game featured a realistic WWII submarine design.


An equally popular series, but already in a fantastic setting, is Aquanox from the Massive Development studio . Here, events are developing in the XXII century, when people moved from the surface of the planet to the depths of the oceans. The player controlled a futuristic submarine, completed missions and entered into battles with the enemy.


Another fantastic project is the hardcore simulator Barotrauma from Undertow Games. Here, a submarine navigates under the thick ice of Europa, a moon of Jupiter that humans have decided to colonize. Controlling the submarine, the player transports cargo and performs other missions. The game came out quite atmospheric: realistic control of the submarine, emergency situations on board, unfriendly inhabitants and a gloomy environment.


If you want a more realistic immersion, then you should take a closer look at the corporate simulator Wolfpack (2019), where each player can take the place of a submarine crew member.

Games for VR glasses
What are underwater adventures without virtual diving? Let’s highlight some projects.

The Blu
Franchise of several games created by the Wevr studio. Allows you to explore realistic ocean depths, get acquainted with the flora and fauna and meet such giants as the whale. In addition to the PC version, the game has an app for mobile VR glasses .

FREEDIVER: Triton Down
Another project, the advantages of which include realistic atmosphere and physics of movement, as well as a short story about an explorer of the ocean depths.


World of Diving
Swimming simulator for PC. Allows you to view the water world – both in VR glasses and on the monitor screen. The hero receives simple tasks: he searches for and photographs all kinds of inhabitants and objects of the underwater world. To help the player is given a camera, a glider and much more.


Jaws, aquariums and more
Among the underwater games there are many shark simulators, aquariums and various projects of different genres.

Shark simulator is not that rare, but there are few really cool games. Back in 2006, Jaws Unleashed was released, based on the movie Jaws. The game received mixed reviews and had quite a few negatives, such as the stupid camera position.


In 2020, Tripwire Interactive tried to freshen up this theme. She released the shark simulator Maneater , which is closely related to environmental issues. We will play as a baby shark, whose mother was killed by the shark hunter Scaly Pete. The player is available to explore the open world. In addition to hunting people, you can fight other marine predators. Maneater features an evolving storyline centered on the confrontation between a shark and Scaled Pete. The game has RPG elements – the shark can be gradually upgraded to a real megalodon.

An interesting project from the little-known studio Lilou Studio. This is a real aquarium simulator. The player initially creates the aquarium itself, and then begins to create a self-regulating ecosystem in it, all elements of which are closely interconnected. Everything is like in life!

My Koi
Another arcade simulator. Here in front of the player will be a pond in which you can breed fish. Wards need to be fed and observed their behavior. Extremely relaxing arcade game.

An unusual project from Carlos Coronado. The plot is absent, but at the same time, its message is clearly felt: to stop the disappearance of coral reefs. The side-scrolling gameplay was based on solving simple puzzles, the goal of which is to save the corals.

In 2019, when the game came out, the studio released a documentary. From it it became known that the game was created right at sea, on board the yacht.


SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom
Published by THQ Nordic in 2020, the adventure game is a remake of the game of the same name from the early 2000s. It added multiplayer and more colorful graphics. The characters and events of the game develop in the setting of the animated series. The player met Sponge-Bob, Plankton, Squidward.


The gameplay was based on completing simple quests, collecting items, using abilities, and so on.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated (Xbox ONE)
[6+, platformer, release date: 06/23/2020, voice language: English, digital edition]
Not available
In Other Waters
An indie project for lovers of arcades and non-standard gameplay. The player is destined for the role of AI, controlled by xenobiologist Ellery Wass. Her task is to investigate extraterrestrial life forms in the oceanic depths of the planet Gliese. The game has an unusual interface. In addition, most of the information comes through text inserts.


These are just some of the games that take place underwater. In fact, there are many more such projects and they are created in a variety of genres – from simulators to shooters and arcades.


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