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Proper nutrition without the hassle: we collect kitchen appliances

Proper nutrition is a way of life for some, for others it is something very difficult. It seems like I would like to eat healthy dishes with vitamin smoothies, but cooking pasta is much easier. In this collection, we tell you what kitchen appliances will come to your aid and turn a painful overcoming into a simple pleasure.

From freshly squeezed juice to juicy smoothie
Crushing oranges by hand for a glass of fresh juice is not a pleasant undertaking. But with an electric juicer – two minutes and you’re done. With it, you can extract fresh juice from any fruits, berries, vegetables. Try a mixture of carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes and beets seasoned with salt – both healthy and very tasty.

Electric juicer Polaris PEA 1536ADL silver
[1500 W, centrifugal, speeds – 4, juice tank – 1100 ml, housing – stainless steel]
7 499 ₽ *
For solid products such as carrots and pumpkins, centrifugal models are suitable – they are more productive and faster. Classic screw juicers are slower, but will also work if you do not plan to juice by the liter or do homework for the winter.

Smoothies and shakes primarily involve mixing and lightly whipping. So this is where a blender comes in. The simplest and most understandable option is stationary , with a deep bowl-jug. This type of blender works only with liquid and copes well with solid foods, as well as ice, grinding and whipping everything into a homogeneous mass in a couple of minutes.

Blender stationary Kitfort KT-1344 silver
[800 W, speeds – 3, 1500 ml, chopper, glass]
3 999 ₽ *
Most smoothie recipes can also be made with an immersion blender if desired and dexterous. However, the submersible will not cope with ice and dense foods such as carrots. We’ll have to help with an additional chopper.


Puree soups, cold vegetable gazpacho – such full-fledged lunch dishes are also prepared using blenders that grind food into a smooth mousse.

Blender Redmond RHB-2981 black
[1300 W, speeds – 5, turbo mode, chopper, glass, whisk]
2 999 ₽ *
Meals without oil
The first commandment of proper nutrition says that overcooked butter is the enemy of health. But this does not mean that you need to look at steam cutlets all your life. There is nothing wrong with the frying itself, but it is worth doing it wisely.


The most “delicious” way – electric grill . In it, dishes are obtained in a restaurant appetizing and also aesthetically beautiful. In the grill, you can cook not only beef steaks, but also fish, chicken, vegetables and even fruits. It can also become some kind of replacement for a toaster and is suitable for toasting slices of bread (of course, whole grains!). By the way, a beef steak is quite within the framework of proper nutrition, no matter what anyone says.

Grill DeLonghi CGH1030D silver
[2000 W, Display, Timer, Non-stick, 46 cm x 19 cm x 34 cm]
19 999 ₽ *
Another type of grill is air grill . It looks completely atypical and just as unusually works. The ingredients are placed in a flask, where hot air is supplied by a fan from a powerful heating element. Due to this, the products are evenly heated from all sides, soaking in their own juice and preserving vitamins. In an air grill, you can cook meat, poultry, fish, as well as all kinds of cereals, vegetable stews, and even yogurt and jam. And all this is completely oil-free.

Aerogrill Kitfort KT-2208 black
[1800 W, 5.2 l, ex. – electronic, programs – 7, timer for – 60 min]
6 999 ₽ *
Quite an exquisite option for gourmets – sous vide . It sounds like something on the rich, but in fact it is quite an affordable solution for any budget. The principle of sous-vide is based on long-term languishing of vacuum-sealed products in water at a low temperature. Sous-vide dishes are incredibly tender and juicy – any, even the toughest initially, meat – melts in your mouth.

Sous vide requires two devices: a sous vide thermometer itself, which can be submersible or stationary, as well as a vacuum sealer . To begin with, you prepare your dish – for example, chicken thigh in herb sauce – then seal it in a vacuum bag, and then send it to sous-vide according to the instructions and recipe.


The result is dishes that are served at high prices in restaurants. And there is nothing to doubt about their usefulness – at low temperatures, the maximum useful properties are preserved in the products, the texture and structure are not destroyed, and the color is not lost.

After all, stationary steamers are still alive , if you are categorically against grills and sous-vides or have medical indications for a strict diet. At first glance, it seems that steamers are already becoming obsolete, because in the same multicooker and even a conventional oven, you can also steam. But in the video below, we talked about why buying an independent device is still relevant and justified.

The Right Side Dishes
Buckwheat with buckwheat, rice with rice – and somewhere the healthy lifestyle started crying. In fact, in the matter of side dishes, not everything is so dramatic. First, try cooking the same rice not in the usual saucepan on the stove, but in a special rice cooker , and you will discover a completely new taste. It automatically selects the right temperature, pressure, cooking time, retains moisture and produces the perfect fluffy rice.


A slow cooker is an option for those who are not in a hurry. This device cooks under pressure at low temperatures and does it really very slowly – a simple soup can languish for a couple of hours. However, due to its principle of operation, the dishes are obtained with a completely unusual structure: the soup will be very rich and rich, the porridge will be crumbly and fragrant, the vegetables and stew will be juicy.

Slow cooker Kitfort KT-206 silver
[2.5 l, 160 W, control – rotary mechanism, programs – 3]
2 399 ₽ *
In this article , we talked more about the principle of the slow cooker and even shared several recipes that are certainly quite useful.

Healthy sweets and more
If you stubbornly took up proper nutrition, we strongly recommend that you get a dryer share of vegetables and fruits . It would seem, why, if you are not a gardener? Fruit and berry marshmallows, energy bars made from dried fruits and cereals, sun-dried tomatoes, meat jerks, vegetable and apple chips – this is not a complete list of what can be done with it.


For example, marshmallows and bars can be a great alternative to desserts – natural apple marshmallow has a minimum of calories and a maximum of sweetness, and bars have a huge boost of energy and vitamin benefits.

Dryer for fruits and vegetables Kitfort KT-1909 white
[700 W, max 70 °C, sections – 9, material – plastic, temperature control, display, timer]
15 999 ₽ *
Crispy chips made from apples or carrots will help to cope with hunger and replace harmful and chaotic snacks. Jerky – dried meat – is convenient to take with you on a long walk, where you will definitely want to eat, but there will hardly be access to normal food.

Thanks to the dryer, you can collect your author’s seasonings by drying finely chopped vegetables and herbs in advance.

Making natural yogurt
Yogurt is a food rich in calcium, protein and vitamins. It is enough to drink one cup to get about 400 mg of calcium – this is half the daily requirement, and its constant use stimulates the immune system. Plus, it’s a delicious low-calorie snack, basic dressing, and base for sauces.


Fresh yogurt can be prepared according to various recipes at home using a home yogurt maker . The cooking process is very simple – boiled milk and lactobacilli (probiotics) are added inside the plastic container. Sourdough and kneading take place in small cups. You can get several servings of ready-made yogurt at the same time, while you just have to wait until the smart machine itself sets a stable temperature that supports milk fermentation. The whole process takes from 4 to 12 hours.

Yogurt maker Redmond RYM-M5401 silver
[50 W, 180 ml, containers – 8 pcs, jars material – glass, display, timer]
3 399 ₽ *
We drink clean water
To maintain the water balance in the body, it is extremely important to consume enough water. But tap water can only conditionally be considered drinking water. Filters for water purification and water purifiers help to remove grains of sand, fragments of rust, metal, and impurities from it.


The easiest option is a jug with a standard filter , which needs to be changed about every two months. The filter contains ion-exchange resin and activated carbon with polypropylene fiber and antibacterial additives that purify water from microorganisms and heavy impurities.

Filter jug ​​Aquaphor Ultra A5
499 ₽ *
If your whole family is for a healthy lifestyle, pay attention to the flow-through filter options that are installed directly into the plumbing system. Such filters can be made in the form of faucet attachments or a powerful filter system under the sink. Flowing water purifiers have up to five levels of water purification. Innovative devices purify water even from bacteria and chlorine impurities, perfectly cope with harsh environments.

We measure portions
Everyone who adheres to a healthy diet knows firsthand about the daily balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories.

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