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Board games. What are they and which is better to choose?

Why do adults, serious people play board games, is it really so much fun? And if so, how to choose from hundreds of different board games the one that will be interesting for you to play? We figure out what board games are and what to choose for beginners.

Myths about desktops
Board games are covered with an incredible amount of myths and stereotypes. Some consider them child’s play. And here you can argue endlessly, because there are games that require you to strain your brain worse than mathematical problems. Somewhere you need logic and strategic thinking, like in Monopoly, somewhere you need cunning and tactics, like in Mafia. There are large games like D&D, built on large-scale universes, where remembering all the rules and details is not a matter of one day. A child simply cannot cope with this, and he will not be interested in it either. After all, quite a few games are marked 18+ due to specific humor or a certain theme.

Regarding the complexity of board games, there is also a stereotype that you need to play them for a long time, it is difficult to learn the rules and you just can’t figure it out “from the threshold”. A newcomer is afraid to enter the company of tabletop regulars, for fear of looking like a fool and not understanding anything. However, in many modern games, anyone can figure it out in 10-15 minutes, and game sessions can last about half an hour – just right, so as not to get bored, but to get acquainted with the world of games.

Sometimes it seems that a big company is required for board games. And then, somewhere, one introvert became despondent. In fact, the games are different, and each always indicates the minimum and recommended number of players. Some really need a leader and many participants, while others can be played together or even alone.

The most important thing in choosing a game is to understand the genres and formats. The board game industry is huge, and you can either find a game for any occasion or get confused. We recommend starting from the purpose for which you are looking for a board game, as well as from the genres of games.

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For the first acquaintance

It is better to start your very first gaming session either with the simplest and shortest games, or with the most famous ones. A bad and primitive desktop can spoil the whole impression, so you don’t want to try more. The best games to explore the genre are usually called gates or gateways.

Partygames are simple and fun toys specifically for parties, as the name implies. They have a very low entry threshold – simple rules, you can start and end a game session at any time, a lot of humor and jokes to unite the company.

Equivalence, Alias, Basinga are similar games where you need to explain words to people from your team. For the game, erudition, resourcefulness, the ability to explain and understand are useful.

Imaginarium, Dixit – association games. Here you need to guess the words so that other players guess. In these games, too, nowhere without erudition, imagination, sense of humor. Add a little more charisma and dynamics here, and you get a great fun party.

Board game “Dixit”
2 199 ₽ *
Jungle speed – “Wild Jungle”. In this game, dexterity and reaction speed are primarily important – you need to quickly identify cards and pick up totems.

Jenga . Board game without cards, cards, dice and chips. Instead – a turret of wooden blocks. Your task is to pull out the blocks so that the tower does not collapse. You need clear coordination, basic laws of physics, firm hands and even breathing!

Good for Agatha Christie fans. Interesting, mysterious, ornate. But detective games have one significant drawback – because of the predetermined plot, these games are most often disposable. They are fun to play when you first explore the plot puzzle, but the second time you already know the denouement, it will not be so interesting.

Detective games are often taken not so much by intrigue as by setting. They are long – a session can last several hours, a lot of props come with the game, and the setting is detailed and varied. Among such games are “Crime Scene” or “Cold Case of Sherlock Holmes” .Real-time detective games in which you need to find the main villain among the players or solve another mystery. At the same time, you yourself often need to hide and remain unidentified with all your might so that the enemy team does not defeat you. Unlike classic detective stories, there is no pre-prepared plot here, so each game plays out differently – you build the plot yourself together with the company.

The most famous and classic game of the genre is Mafia. But there are other detective games in which other mechanics and new worlds meet.

Bang! Western Detective. A detailed world and advanced mechanics immerse you in the game with your head – there are many game roles, story branches. There are even health points. And there are no civilians here – solid bandits and sheriffs.

“Money” games are for the most assiduous and logical players. In such games, you need to be a far-sighted strategist, calculating steps far ahead – determining profits, predicting bankruptcy, negotiating. Financing simulators such as Monopoly, Economicus and other games also have a good educational potential. And not only for young players, but also for adults.

Board game “Monopoly. 85 years”
1 450 ₽ *
Board game “In a word. The only word”
599 ₽ *

These games are good for those who are not in a hurry and are ready to play games for a long time and meditatively. The gameplay is mainly focused on the development of the territory and the extraction of resources. Eurogames are suitable for introverts who are not ready for charismatic acting out and theatrical performances in the spirit of the Mafia or the Imaginarium. Usually they are designed for 3-5 people, but some games can be played with two people. Outstanding representatives: Carcassonne, Catan, Castles of Burgundy .

Board game “Carcassonne” (2019)
1 999 ₽ *
Addition for the game “Catan: Colonizers.”
2 499 ₽ *
Co-op with immersion

The key word is “immersion”. These games were created in order to completely transport players to an imaginary world and disconnect from reality. Among the immersive games, there are such giants as D&D, which have turned from a board game into a real fan cult: films, computer games, festivals, cosplays and so on are created in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Immersive games are for enthusiastic people and fans who are ready not just to play an hour for relaxation, but to make the game their big hobby. The basis of such games is deep plot twists, a serious scenario and thoughtful acting out. For this, for example, in D&D there is a leader, who is called the Master. And which leads the players through the story.

Board game “Dungeons & Dragons” (starter set)
[walkers, 120 min, players – 2-6, age 12+]
Not available
In many ways, it was because of D&D that the myth appeared that board games are long, difficult, and only for inveterate fans.

But even among cooperatives there are games simpler than D&D. For example, “Obsession”, “Gravity Falls” and other adventure games in which the mechanics are much easier to remember and you can start playing them without many hours of excursion into the setting.

Board game “Obsession”
2 999 ₽ *
Board game “Gravity Falls: Save the Waddles”
999 ₽ *
Card duels

Many board games are based on cards. But if in some cards – only a way of communication, then in others – an object of worship, adoration and collecting.

For example, the famous Magic: The Gathering, Berserk and others like them. You buy sets of random cards and build your own deck from them. There are sets of varying degrees of rarity. A personal deck is both a game tool, a collection, and a fan fetish. The cooler the deck and the more rare cards in it, the more chances to win not only in a duel with a neighbor, but also in a major tournament.

Collectible card game “Berserk. Heroes. Duel set “Reguel vs. Farro””
999 ₽ *

There are card games in which there is no such race for decks and rare cards. Here you buy a predetermined themed set of cards and play. Card Wars, Finn vs. Jake, Star Empires, or the humorous fantasy parody Munchkin are great for dueling.

Board game “Adventure Time: Finn vs. Jake”
1 299 ₽ *
Board game “Star Empires” (deluxe edition)
1 299 ₽ *
Board game “Munchkin”
1 299 ₽ *
Educational games

And finally, we got to the fact that board games can be for children too. There are simple games from 3, 6 or 10 years old, which are not only possible, but also necessary to play with children! Usually, in addition to game mechanics, there are also educational elements – the basics of mathematics, geometry, Russian languages, physics, and so on.

In games for the smallest you need to guess numbers, letters or shapes, for older children – to solve puzzles. Well, with teenagers it is already quite possible to switch to adult games like Monopoly.

Board game “Engineering thinking”
520 ₽ *
Board game “Chislius”
450 ₽ *
Before buying a game for leisure with children and teenagers, pay attention to the age restrictions. Some board games may contain slang words and images that you may find inappropriate for a child.


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