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How to choose a sonic toothbrush

Choosing a toothbrush is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Of course, many simply take and buy the first one that comes across – as long as they are satisfied with the price and color. In fact, there are a lot of parameters that are better to pay attention to. And if we are talking about electric models… Today we will look into one of the most popular segments – sonic electric brushes.

What is a sonic toothbrush
In electric models, the bristles are driven by a built-in motor. This makes it possible to obtain a high speed of movement of the bristles. This effect cannot be achieved manually. In addition to the classic rotary head brushes, there are sonic and ultrasonic models.

Sonic brushes get their name from the fact that you can hear vibrations: their operating frequency is within earshot. A small electromagnet is built into the design of the sonic brushes, swinging the head with the help of a spring and a resonator. It allows you to better clean hard-to-reach places from plaque.

In sound models, there is no rotating head – the vibrations are transmitted directly to the bristles. Such electric brushes differ from rotary ones in a higher frequency of oscillations per minute – up to 60,000. According to this indicator, they, of course, are inferior to ultrasonic models. But the latter have a large list of contraindications. There are practically no sound models.

Electric toothbrush SOOCAS X3U white
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Main characteristics
Choosing a toothbrush is a responsible task. Electric models have a whole list of important characteristics that you should pay attention to.

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Power type
Electric brushes are completed with the accumulator or penlight batteries. The battery can be recharged: this will save on consumables. The battery life depends on the capacity (250-2000 mAh) and battery type (Li-ion, Ni-MN). One charge is usually enough for two or three days. Some models can work without recharging up to three weeks.

The AA-powered sonic toothbrushes are usually cheaper, but you will have to keep buying consumables.


Number of movements
The vibration intensity of the bristles of sonic brushes varies from 12,000 to 62,000 strokes per minute. The higher the frequency, the more effectively plaque is removed.

Electric toothbrush Revyline RL 015 black
The black
4 299 ₽ *
Is it worth chasing the maximum rate? Clinical studies show that 32,000 vibrations are enough to effectively brush your teeth. Most sonic brushes offer up to 40,000 strokes per minute – this is the optimal frequency. If you buy a brush for children, look for models with 12-15 thousand vibrations: children’s teeth are more sensitive and vulnerable.

The nature of the movements
In sound models, it is the bristles that vibrate, and the head remains motionless. Combined brushes are sold – in them, individual rows of bristles make translational movements left-right or up-down. This improves the quality of cleaning.


Be sure to consider this factor. Food must be removed from the enamel from the gum to the cutting edge of the tooth, which means that the brush will have to be kept in a certain position.

Availability of different cleaning modes
The brush can have several modes of operation. Each of them has its own beneficial effect, which depends on the frequency and amplitude of the vibration of the bristles. Which one? It all depends on the specific model:

deep cleansing;
gum care;
delicate cleaning;
gum massage;

Intensity modes
On some expensive brushes, you can adjust the amount of bristle vibration. Depending on the model, two to four intensity levels are available. This functionality is suitable for people with sensitive teeth. If necessary, you can always lower the oscillation frequency.


Replaceable nozzles
As a rule, brushes come with various nozzles. It is recommended to change them every three months. So it is worth checking the availability of components in local or online stores.

The built-in indicator (if there is one, of course) will help determine the wear of the bristles. Also, many manufacturers embed special indicator bristles. They change color at the end of their service life.

Philips Sonicare HX6836/24 electric toothbrush pink
[sound, modes – 2, nozzles – 1 pc, pressure sensor, battery powered]
6 999 ₽ *
Additional nozzles may differ in the size, shape and material of the bristles. Up to four interchangeable nozzles can be supplied in the kit. For example, in a separate article you can read more about Philips sonic toothbrush heads.


Additional functions
The main advantage of electric models is the presence of a mass of useful functions. Which one is right for you is a matter of personal taste. We will consider what features are commonly found in sonic electric toothbrushes.

Pressure sensor – analyzes the force of pressure on the teeth. If you push too hard, you will hear a beep.
Habituation function – during the first cleansing, the intensity gradually increases, which makes it easier to get used to.
Wear indicator – tells you when you need to replace the brush head.
Recognizing the brush head and synchronizing it with the brushing mode – the brush will automatically set the mode to the brush head, which will allow you to achieve the best results.
Brushing area change timer (Quadpacer) – the function helps to evenly clean individual areas of the oral cavity.
Synchronization with a smartphone – a proprietary application keeps a record of cleanings, their duration and coverage, and issues recommendations.
The most useful are the pressure sensor and nozzle wear indicator, so we recommend paying attention to them first.

Useful tips when buying
Oral health largely depends on the toothbrush you use. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to clinical studies. Eminent brands necessarily conduct comprehensive research and confirm the safety of their brushes in practice.

Philips Sonicare for KIDS Electric Toothbrush HX6322/04 white, blue
[for children, sound, hardness – soft, modes – 2, nozzles – 2 pcs, battery powered]
5 999 ₽ *
Pay special attention to the provision of a guarantee. Large manufacturers are confident in the quality of their products, so they give a guarantee of up to one year. Don’t forget to buy replacement tips – find out where you can get them and how much they cost.

And of course, remember: the sonic brush will not do all the work for you. Before using any brush, be sure to learn how to properly brush your teeth.


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