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From chickens to trains: Skyrim’s craziest mods

Many years have passed since fire-breathing dragons appeared in cold Skyrim, and the Greybeards called on Dovakin. The echo of dragon battles has long subsided, but all kinds of modifications for the game still appear on the gaming space. Some of them look funny, and some are really weird and crazy. It is difficult to even imagine for what purposes they were created. We will talk about them in this article.

There are a lot of mods on Skyrim, to put it mildly – including crazy ones. We will take a few of the brightest representatives. They will be ranked as insanity and incomprehensibility increase, starting with the most harmless options.

Bear Musician
What is fantasy without skalds and melodic lute? Especially if it is performed by a bear. The Musician Bear mod adds a spell to the game that summons a lute-playing clubfoot. He will perform the famous soundtrack from the film “Taxi” by Luc Besson. Summoning a bear is simple: after enabling the mod in the launcher, the spell will automatically appear in the player’s inventory. To make the bear disappear, you need to cast the spell again.


If one bear is not enough, you can use two fortune-tellers to back-dance – they appear automatically if you select the “Allow back-dance” ring in the inventory. In general, it turned out funny, but that’s all. The bear will not bring any benefit (especially in battle).


Apparently, in the future, you can expect mods that create musical groups from dragons, draugrs and other Skyrim creatures.

Divine Punishment
Sociable NPCs are an integral part of any RPG. Only here are some characters that can get bored with their phrases. As they say, go your own way, stalker… To avoid unnecessary conversations, just leave. But the modder with the nickname toaDime got confused seriously. He made a strange and at the same time funny mod “Divine Punishment”. Now the guards who tell the protagonist about the arrow in the knee will be punished without fail by a lightning strike from the sky. There is nothing to distract from the important matters of the savior of Skyrim!

Master of weapons
Exploring the world, the protagonist will constantly come across all sorts of loot, which, as it seems, has no useful use: a broom, a beer mug, a fork, etc. But this is only if Master of weapons is not installed! The mod turns almost all items in the game into weapons, ranging from a broom, fishing rods, a fork, a spine, and even a goat’s leg. All this (and much more) can be picked up and given to the enemy, if not a good, but a fun beating. The downside is that the items themselves will not turn into weapons.

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You will have to look for a forge and craft everything manually. But these are trifles, because now you can plug the enemy to death with a fork.

Super Skyrim Bros.
Yes, the title didn’t deceive you. Before us is a symbiosis of Skyrim and the legendary Super Mario. “They encroached on the classics,” Mario fans will grumble. But not everything is so bad, at least at first glance. The modification introduces a new quest into the game, which opens in an abandoned house near Winterhold.


To start, the player just needs to fall asleep on a bed in the house. After that, he finds himself in a 3D location made in the entourage of Mario. At the beginning of the level, there is a box in which the player chooses two options for the plumber’s uniform: red and green, and as weapons, a large and small hammer.


In the location of the main character, opponents already known from classic Mario will meet: mushrooms, Koopa the turtle, etc. It’s just that jumping on top of them a la Mario Bros will not work – after all, we are in Skyrim, and not in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Miracle of Flight Sweetroll
Traveling on your own, without fast moving, not only helps to learn all the beauties of the game world, but also to run into various dangers. And it’s good if you have a powerful sword in your hand, and the piggy bank of skills is pretty replenished. Otherwise, you will have to sweat a lot, cracking down on enemies. Especially when the character is just starting to pump skills.


Perhaps the author of The Miracle of Flight SE was guided by this when creating his creation. After installing the mod, you can take to the air with the help of flying machines, such as a flying carpet or hovering discs. You can call transport using spell books.

Trumpet Feet
Skeletons in the Elder Scrolls world are not surprising, because this is the most common type of undead. They met players in distant Morrowind, in Cyrodiil and, of course, in Skyrim they are right there. Useful modifications come out often – for example, Beast Skeletons adds new types of skeletons to the game. Thanks to these mods, players can diversify the game quite well. But the Trumpet Feet modification, apparently, is designed to make the player laugh. How else to explain that the developers, instead of the usual sounds of the steps of skeletons, attached them to the sounds of a pipe.

When a couple of skeletons fight against the protagonist, it already looks a little peculiar. But when there are a lot of skeletons, you get a real non-synchronous brass band.

My Little Pony Weapons and Armor
My Little Pony is a fairly popular media franchise. Starting with the cartoon of the same name, it has turned into a whole universe with games, collectible figurines. It’s hard to imagine, but through the efforts of modders, kawaii unicorns migrated straight to Skyrim. The symbiosis turned out to be peculiar, especially since the mod adds not only a unicorn to the game, but also some weapons and armor.


So, if you put on a helmet added by the mod, the protagonist will be with the head of a cartoon unicorn.

Really Useful Dragons
In general, a harmless and even funny modification. Here the fantasy of modders stopped at Thomas the Tank Engine – the hero of the cartoon “Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends”. The dragons will now look like Thomas spitting fire.


Macho Dragons
Another “dragon” modification, but more insane. Probably, the famous wrestler Randy “Macho” Savage would never have thought that he would be in Skyrim, and even in the role of a dragon. After installing the Macho Dragons mod, the dragons get the characteristic features of Randy’s appearance: glasses, hair, a hat, boots … As well as phrases that the wrestler often shouted during fights.


One has only to guess what goals the author of the mod pursued – he probably really loves wrestling and Savage’s performances. Or, on the contrary, he can’t stand it, because the modder’s creation looks, to put it mildly, strange.

Explosive Chicken Skeleton
In the world of Skyrim, the player will encounter pets. Chickens are often the object of modders. In general, they have already met in other games, for example, in the popular shooter Crysis – where they could be used as throwing weapons. In the kingdom of the Nords, chickens, thanks to the fantasies of modders and the Explosive Chickens Skeleton mod, explode after death, causing damage to those around them. If “chicken” madness is not enough for you, then install ChickenBorn (chicken-born), which turns your character into a chicken. Or Chicken Mod , where you get a full set of heavy armor in the form of a chicken.


In addition to chicken armor, you are also given a couple of spells that call chickens to help the protagonist. The author of the mod recommends combining it with Explosive Chickens, because in this case you can get more walking bombs. But that’s not all. There is a Guards are Chickens mod that changes the guards guarding city streets to chickens.

Crimes against Nature
The name of the mod is not accidentally translated as “Crimes against nature”, because after installing it into the game, several new races appear, the appearance of which sometimes defies description.

So, instead of a head, the hero will have a wooden chair, a spider, a dog’s head and a lot of strange things. Each hero will have their own special, more precisely, strange abilities.

Animated Shout Farting
Remember the toilet humor on South Park’s Terence and Philip show? So, apparently, the author of Animated Shout Farting was inspired by this very show and gave out his crazy mod. Now the protagonist has the ability to…um…how should I put it…to make a real gas attack. What came out of it, see for yourself. But we warn you! For serious Dovahkins, watching a video can cause the deepest insult!

It must be understood that not all mods with oddities are indicated in the article. The list can be continued, and it will include such creations that it is not desirable to show to the general public.


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